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Risk Management and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Moving Forward

Authored by Andeed Ma

This presentation was done in Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) on the 12 March 2021. The topic shared was focusing on Sustainable AI and the future perspective of risk, data and AI.

It is about nurturing AI technology, ecosystem, and research to withstand the cycle of the technology hype and greed to meet the needs of humanity, balancing economic needs, autonomy, governance, and ethics.

The thought leadership behind this talk is thinking about digital transformation of society and organisations with AI towards Autonomous Enterprise.

As RIMAS is progressing forward, we are in the midst of forming an AI-Risk Chapter under RIMAS to encourage discussion, promotion and networking with like-minded Professionals like you in the field of AI, Risk and related fields.

Please drop me a note at and we welcome you to join RIMAS as a fellow member to march towards the future of Sustainable AI together!

Read more, download presentation below.

RIMAS-SUSS_AI and Risk_120321
Download PDF • 6.03MB


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