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Chief of Staff (COS) Chapter

The Chief of Staff chapter demonstrates an organizational commitment towards cross-functional management, strategic and people’s risk management through the role of the Chief of Staff.

The Chief of Staff Chapter is the first of its kind to be set up in RIMAS.

The activities of the chapter will be organizing workshops, seminars to promote the role of the Chief of Staff, the concept of cross-functional management, reputation risk management, corporate governance, risk management assessment, responsibility, stewardship, and leadership among our members in the association.

A role that is commonly identified with the armed forces, it is now a worldwide trend for organizations, from private companies to education institutions, to want a Chief of Staff.  Many top firms and startups hire Chief of Staff, and this role has served to mitigate the risk of unchecked decision-making by power executives in the organization. The Chief of Staff step up and challenge such executive’s decisions and to question their judgment.

There is a bright future for risk management practitioners in the role of a Chief of Staff as such role and the knowledge of team management and people’s management strategies become increasingly recognized throughout the business community.

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COS Courses

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Becoming a Chief Staff

This is a pre-course workshop for leaders planning to find out how to become a Chief Staff to manage your organization's strategic risk.

Access to a 4 hours session on the fundamental of the Chief of Staff role and learn from experienced Chief of Staff from their sharing.

The session will be hosted by Mr. Dennis Poh, who is the Chairman of the Chief of Staff Chapter, RIMAS, and a Certified Chief of Staff by the University of Oxford and The Chief of Staff Association.

We will be covering the following topics:
1. Introduction to the role, Chief of Staff
2. "What does Chief of Staff do?"
3. Five Different Roles of Chief of Staff
4. The Archetypes of Chief of Staff
5. The Fundamental Skillsets and Why are they Important
6. Sharing from Experienced Chief of Staff

This workshop will be useful for any professionals seeking alternate career growth and avenues to become C-suite executives in organizations ranging from business and non-profit organizations to the government body.

Click here to register.

Chapter's Leaders

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Chairman, Chief of Staff Committee

Mr. Dennis Poh Wei Song

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Legatcy


Mr. Dennis Poh is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Legatcy. His mission is to professionalize advisory services for start-ups and SMEs across Asia and has since assisted several start-ups with their due diligence and completion for their Seed to Series B fundraising and exits. With a decade’s experience in Asia’s start-up space, Dennis has an extensive network of disruptive ventures.

He is also a member of The Chief of Staff Association and is part of the first cohort (capped at 40 participants) to attend the Oxford Chief of Staff Executive Certification Programme delivered on campus at the University of Oxford, which has been designed specifically for chiefs of staff and to become a Certified Chief of Staff™.

On the side, he has mentored students and startups from reputable institutions in Singapore, like the Textile and Fashion Federation, NP, SUTD, SUSS, NUS through his unique approach of coaching and business mentoring.

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Co-Chairwomen, Chief of Staff Committee

Ms. Noraza Binte Zainal

Chief of Staff to Managing Partner and CEO

Director of Operation, Legatcy


Other than taking charge of the operation of Legatcy, Ms. Noraza currently serves as Chief of Staff to the CEO and the Managing Partner who is an ex-listed company president, a senior leadership position handling and carrying out strategic matters from the executive office.

She is also the first few associate member in Singapore for The Chief of Staff Association.

On the side, she is actively advocating for the workplace and career empowerment for women and to change their mindset and manage their risk while they are stepping up their ranks at work while managing at home.

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