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Gamefi Risk Chapter

The Gamefi Risk chapter demonstrates an organizational commitment to blockchain gaming.

The Gamefi Risk Chapter is the first of its kind to be set up in RIMAS. 

The activities of the chapter will be organizing workshops, seminars to promote the concept of Gamefi risk management, responsibility, and leadership among our members in the association. Gamefi Risk Management, and the benefits thereof, are better understood and many large companies now have personnel who are specially assigned Gamefi risk management duties. Some companies in fact have established Gamefi risk management divisions in order to provide risk services to their clients.

There is a bright future for risk management practitioners as the benefits of sound Gamefi risk management strategies become increasingly recognized throughout the business community.

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Chapter's Leaders

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Chairman, Gamefi Risk Committee

Mr. LeeWalter

Gamefi Leader, Tech Sector


Mr Lee Walter started off working on government-related operations, and then into the business development sector to include technology in operations; not only does this enhance the efficiency of staff, it also helps to reduce business risks. For example, leveraging optical recognition to input certain characters instead of manually typing in, will reduce man errors during times of fatigue. As he progresses towards the business development space, he enhanced his skillsets through attaining certification in risk plan implementation (BizSafe Level 2), this allowed him to assess various risks, including physical risks at the workplace too. In around the year 2020, his career shifted towards fully in the technology sector as he had a keen interest in technology and is very much involved in the innovative blockchain space since the year 2018. The strength of risk assessment skills is that they are transitional and played a large part in his tech program management work, such as running transformational and tech audit programs. In 2022, he shifted into the blockchain industry full-time as a Gamefi Lead in a leading crypto exchange. The crypto/blockchain space is at the early adoption stage and thus, risk assessment skills are important to identify and calculate risks and opportunities of various projects; as his job involves assessing gaming projects as well. The study of risks involving blockchain and Gamefi is at an early phase, and he wishes to learn and educate the community further through the network of RIMAS.

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