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Fintech Risk Chapter

The Fintech Risk chapter demonstrates an organizational commitment toward harnessing a new emerging technology to accelerate growth and manage risk.

The Fintech Risk Chapter is the first of its kind to be set up in RIMAS.

The activities of the chapter will be organizing workshops, and seminars to promote the concept of Fintech risk management, responsibility, and leadership among our members of the association.


The FinTech Risk chapter looks at risks and opportunities embedded within FinTech. The committee aims to share and promote the concept of Risk Management to help FinTechs make calculated risk decisions and turn them into opportunities to help accelerate the business.

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Chapter's Leaders

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Chairwoman, Fintech Risk Committee

Ms. Adeline Ho

Fintech Risk Professional

Ms Adeline Ho is an experienced and highly motivated Enterprise Risk Management professional with a demonstrated track record in advising and supporting Senior Management / Executive Teams on strategic and sustainable Enterprise Risk Management, covering over 12 different sectors/industries and a professional global footprint across 7 countries.


Being an avid learner deep within, she took up Data Science and FinTech courses to expand her knowledge leading up to making contributions. She believes that FinTech Risk Management is a growing area that can help FinTech companies/businesses strive and grow.


Ms. Adeline looks forward to learning and growing with everyone in all things FinTech and Risk Management.

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