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Trust and Safety Chapter

The Trust and Safety chapter demonstrates an organizational commitment towards a trustworthy and safe internet world.



The Trust and Safety Chapter is the first of its kind to be set up in RIMAS. 

The activities of the chapter will be organizing workshops, seminars to promote the concept of Trust and Safety, responsibility, and leadership among our members in the association.


Internet users are given the freedom to publish content on any social media platform, however, each content published impacts society or an individual positively or negatively, there are those who may easily imitate certain negative content. Thus, Trust and Safety is here to determine the risk of the content shared by users as based on different markets or regions due to local social media laws and regulations. More often, Trust and Safety also work aligned together with the Community Guidelines designed by respective platforms from time to time to evolve alongside new behaviors and risks, as part of the Trust and Safety commitment.


As internet/social media is the current trend and it has become part of our lives.  Hence, Trust and Safety is a fundamental part of building a safe, inclusive environment for users and a critical concern for online platforms. It is the joined efforts of operations, design and engineering, user experience, customer relations, fraud prevention, content moderation, and more

Trust and Safety, and the benefits thereof, are better understood and many large companies now have personnel who are specially assigned Trust and Safety duties. Some companies in fact have established Trust and Safety divisions in order to provide risk services to their clients in ensuring areas of compliance.

There is a bright future for risk management practitioners as the benefits of sound Trust and Safety strategies become increasingly recognized throughout the business community.

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Chapter's Leaders

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Chairman, Trust and Safety Committee

Mr. Eric Moo

Regional Leader of Trust and Safety Operations, Social Media Industry


Eric Moo has 7 years of working experience which includes in the financial institution industry and customer relations & account management in global hospitality brands. Currently, he is the Regional Team Leader of Trust & Safety Operations in an internet unicorn, the core function of his team is to ensure the safety of the social media platform to the community.


Prior joining to the T&S team, Eric was working in one of the financial institutions- American Express as Business Relationship Consultant, which to support the merchants’ business in the APAC region, investigating the potential risk & fraudulent transactions, money laundering, and dispute transactions acquired by merchant & card members.

Eric graduated from University Tunku Abdul Rahman in the year 2014, with the degree of Bachelor of Honor, Public Relations, minor in Advertising. Eric was also the Vice Chairman of the Student Representative Council (SRC). SRC was elected by peers and work democratically to represent the student body in decision-making that related to students’ activities, wellbeing, administrative issue.

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