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Healthcare Risk Chapter

The Healthcare Risk chapter demonstrates an organizational commitment toward how Healthcare can be relevant to any organization and/or individual.

The Healthcare Risk Chapter is the first of its kind to be set up in RIMAS.

The activities of the chapter will be organizing workshops, and seminars to promote the concept of Healthcare risk management, responsibility, and leadership among our members of the association.

Healthcare risk, and the benefits thereof, are better understood and many large companies now have personnel who are specially assigned Healthcare risk duties. Some companies in fact have established Healthcare risk divisions in order to provide Healthcare risk services to their clients.

There is a bright future for risk management practitioners as the benefits of sound Healthcare risk strategies become increasingly recognized throughout the business community.


Chapter's Leaders

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Chairman, Healthcare Risk Committee

Mr. Clarence Chong, CBCI (merit), ARiMI-CERM

Enterprise Risk Management Professional

Public Healthcare Sector

Mr. Clarence Chong, is an Enterprise Risk Management Professional, presently works in the public sector, leading the Enterprise Risk Management portfolio of a Statutory Board. 

Clarence extensive career in public healthcare and private sectors includes roles in ERM and Quality Management, where he has demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement. He has spearheaded several transformative initiatives throughout his career involving project management and stakeholder engagement. 

Clarence exudes a fervent passion for the intricate realm of risk management, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to understanding and navigating the complexities inherent in this field. His enthusiasm is palpable as he consistently seeks to delve deeper into the nuances of risk, showcasing not only a profound appreciation for the subject matter but also a genuine dedication to fostering a culture of risk awareness within the organization. 

Additionally, he holds certifications such as the Certified Enterprise-wide Risk Management Manager (CERM) awarded by the Asia Risk Management Institute and Certified Business Continuity Institute (CBCI) awarded by Business Continuity Institute (CBI)

He is also certified lead auditor for both ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety).

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