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Social Governance Chapter

The Social Governance chapter demonstrates an organizational commitment towards responsible social movement through governance over its impact on humanity.



The Social Governance Chapter is the first of its kind to be set up in RIMAS. 

The activities of the chapter will be organizing workshops, seminars to promote the concept of social governance, risk management assessment, responsibility, and leadership among our members in the association. Social governance, and the benefits thereof, are better understood and many charitable organizations, non-profit organizations, and large companies now have personnel who are specially assigned social governance and risk management duties. Some companies in fact have established Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) division in order to provide risk services to their clients in ensuring areas of social governance are reasonably considered.

There is a bright future for risk management practitioners as the benefits of sound Social Governance strategies become increasingly recognized throughout the business community.

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Chapter's Leaders


Chairman, Social Governance Committee

Mr. Ryan Adnin Goh, MBa, CISA, CEI

Director of Advisory, ForBis Accounting


Mr. Ryan possesses over 11 years of experience in Risk Management and has consulted various IPCs, Charities, Non-Profits, and Social Enterprises as well as corporations on their sustainability and social outcomes, including sitting on the board of directors for social enterprises and non-profits. He was also part of the team that set up the first carbon credit exchange in Singapore. He is a specialist in assessing and developing tailored business solutions in the areas of HR, IT, and Business Strategy to enhance business performance, including performing IT and HR risk assessments to better aid organizations to improve their governance and controls.

Ryan has also founded, participated, and consulted on projects in an executive capacity fuelling the growth of multiple digital-ready companies across 3 continents; Africa, Europe and the Asia Pacific, including experience in mergers and acquisition (M&A), risk management, technology transformation, human resource transformation, business strategy and modelling.

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