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Registration Fee

Current Entrance Fees and Annual Subscriptions:





































Q: I have risk and insurance management as only part of my responsibilities - Can I become a member?

A: Yes you can be member. Membership should be particularly valuable to you and your organization because you have access to a network of specialists and indeed a special interest group devoted to the needs of members like yourself.


Q: How can RIMAS assist me in achieving risk and insurance management qualifications?

A: RIMAS conducts courses on risk management, risk control, and risk financing. Those who have successfully completed the modules are awarded the ARIM title. The above courses are modelled after the established professional programmes from the UK, USA and Australia, but adapted to suit the local context and regulations.


Q: How does RIMAS communicate with its members?

A: RIMAS communicates with its members by the RIMAS Journal, newsletters, surveys, reports, meetings and informal sessions. RIMAS encourages constructive feedback from its members. Members are also encouraged to send in questions regarding insurance and risk management issues, and their concerns about such areas in the medium and long term. The experts in the relevant area will address such questions and issues.


Q: Many problems are becoming increasingly international, how will RIMAS meet the challenge?

A: RIMAS is affiliated to IFRIMA (the International Federation of Risk & Insurance Management Association) & FAPARMO (the Federation of Asia, Pacific & African Risk Management Organisations), & through such international network, RIMAS has links with risk & insurance management associations throughout the world to promote our mutual interests and unite the risk management fraternity. FAPARMO was formed in 1995. Among other things, FAPARMO organises risk management conferences for the Asia, Pacific & African regions on a rotational basis.


Q: What are the benefits to members?

A: RIMAS has been formed to serve the needs of organisations operating in an increasingly dynamic environment. It is a resource centre to assist members in resolving their technical risk and insurance management problems. It provides a network from which to tap the knowledge and experience of risk and insurance management practitioners.




Membership benefits include:


first hand knowledge of new developments affecting the risk & insurance management field and how these new developments can be applied to minimise organisations risk exposure, thus contributing to the profitablity and growth of organisations

personal development & professional standing through active involvement in RIMAS activities

the opportunity to present your views to the appropriate bodies through RIMAS on risk & insurance management issues

priority & special rates for all activities organised by RIMAS, IFRIMA and FAPARMO

other benifits that are regularly added by RIMAS.

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