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India Chapter

India, with its vibrant economy and strategic position in South Asia, is a key player in the global business landscape. As a hub for diverse industries including IT, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and finance, Indian enterprises face a complex array of risks and challenges, from economic fluctuations and regulatory changes to cyber threats and environmental concerns.

Our India Chapter stands as a beacon of expertise and collaboration in navigating these complexities. Comprised of dedicated professionals and experts in the field of risk management, it serves as a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange, best practices, and innovative solutions. We strive to foster a community where ideas are freely shared, and strategies are collaboratively developed, empowering businesses to not only withstand but also thrive in the ever-evolving risk landscape.

In this diverse and inclusive community, we celebrate India's unique business environment. From technology to healthcare, energy to finance, our members represent a broad spectrum of sectors, each contributing valuable insights that enhance the collective strength and resilience of our network.

Through engaging seminars, workshops, and networking events, the India Chapter seeks to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively identify, evaluate, and manage risks. We advocate for continuous learning and provide a supportive network that encourages members to remain at the forefront of risk management developments.

Join us in our mission to nurture a culture of resilience, innovation, and cooperation. Together, let's address the challenges of today while proactively preparing for the uncertainties of tomorrow. Welcome to a vibrant community dedicated to advancing the field of risk management in India and beyond.


Chapter's Leaders

V Mithal Photo - LinkedIn.jpg

Chapter Head, India Risk Committee

Mr. Vibhav Mithal

Associate Partner

Anand and Anand

Mr. Vibhav Mithal is an Associate Partner at Anand and Anand and is practicing as an intellectual property litigator for almost a decade. He has been part of many path-breaking litigations and has been recognized by Managing Intellectual Property as a Rising Star in the years 2022 and 2023.

Vibhav also advises clients on issues of data protection and artificial intelligence. He has provided feedback on the initial draft of the Generative AI Guidelines published by NASSCOM. He was part of the Generative AI Roundtables conducted by Indiaai and has been cited on AI Audits in Indiaai’s Generative AI Report.


Vibhav is also a Fellow in AI and Law and co-lead of #teamIndia at ForHumanity (US), a non-profit organization engaged in developing AI Audit frameworks. At ForHumanity, Vibhav has co-authored responses to various calls for comment such as by NTIA, Department of Commerce, US and Niti Aayog to better develop a global and Indian AI eco-system. Presently, at #teamIndia, Vibhav is envisaging and co-developing an AI Audit framework for India on the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023. 

He also serves as an Associate Fellow at the Centre for Responsible AI (CeRAI), a virtual interdisciplinary research center at IIT Madras. The center envisions to be a premier research center for both fundamental and applied research in Responsible AI with immediate impact in deploying AI systems in the Indian ecosystem.


Vibhav also serves on the Peer Review Board of the Springer Journal – AI & Ethics. He has also contributed as a global AI Expert, to the ‘DIGITAL LITERACY – THE GREAT DIVIDE’ report, submitted to the United Nations Global Digital Compact by Digital National Alliance Bulgaria and MKAI, UK.


Vibhav regularly contributes to leading IPR publications and speaks regularly on AI. He has spoken at Warwick Business School; Inspiring Ideas Podcast, Melbourne, Australia; Mabalcat City College, Philippines and Boston University School of Law.  

A law graduate of NUJS, Kolkata, Vibhav has obtained an LLM in Intellectual Property Law from Boston University School of Law and has been recognized by BU Law as one of its notable alumni. Vibhav has also been recognized by the National Jurist in an article titled “Who’s Who of Foreign Attorneys”, amongst 15 prominent LLM graduates.


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