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Generative AI Risk (Gen-AI Risk) Chapter

The Gen-AI Risk chapter demonstrates an organizational commitment toward how Generative AI should be used in/by any organization and/or individual.

The Gen-AI Risk Chapter is the first of its kind to be set up in RIMAS.

The activities of the chapter will be organizing workshops, and seminars to promote the concept of Gen-AI risk management, responsibility, and leadership among our members of the association.

Generative AI, and the benefits thereof, are better understood and many large companies now have personnel who are specially assigned Gen-AI duties. Some companies in fact have established Gen-AI divisions in order to provide Gen-AI services to their clients.

There is a bright future for risk management practitioners as the benefits of sound Gen-AI strategies become increasingly recognized throughout the business community.


Chapter's Event

gen ai risk event 2024.jpg

Chapter's Leaders


Chairman, Gen-AI Risk Committee

Mr. Tianyu Xu


TYAI Pte. Ltd.

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, Tianyu's journey spans tech platforms, agencies, and brands. Across multiple roles, he provided expertise in research, measurement, analytics, and advertising performance.

Through his recent startup, TYAI, Tianyu has consulted on projects related to gen-AI content production, consumer research, and data analytics. His primary mission is to help individuals and organizations harness the potential of gen-AI, unlocking transformative insights.

A native Mandarin speaker and fluent in Spanish, Tianyu is passionate about building global relationships and sharing cross-border business strategies.

Committed to the ethos of lifelong learning, he dedicated 1,000 hours to AI in 2023, with a particular focus on ChatGPT and Midjourney. Tianyu is an advocate for Responsible AI principles and emphasizes the importance of risk management, especially within the gen-AI sector. Eager to advance the discourse on these subjects, he looks forward to both sharing with and learning from the broader community.

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