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Rules of engagement

Authored by Geetha Kanagasingam Tizi

The coronavirus pandemic will have a lasting and unprecedented social, political, environmental, economic, and public health impact at a global scale. One immediate effect on companies, both private or public, large or small, is the change in the way they work in the wake of government requirements restricting movement, encouraging home working and, in extreme cases, imposing a ‘lockdown’ with no confirmed timeline but rather potential extensions based on a policy of ‘wait and see’.

People all over the world – regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, race, education level, economic status, religious affiliations or health – have been confined to their homes for their own (and others’) safety and well-being. Under these conditions of adversity, uncertainty, stress and fear, communication is a key factor that both companies and political leaders cannot afford to ignore. It provides the ‘building blocks’ of soft skills and is the enabler for skillsets of effective collaboration and leadership.

To read more, download article below.

rules of engagement
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