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Upcoming Events


This is the space where you will receive the latest updates and status on upcoming events. There are 3 categories of events in RIMAS.


1. RIMAS Professional Events - These are events organised and held by RIMAS very own event's team to bring the latest insights of Risk Landscape to fellow members. Such events can come in various forms:

  • Conferences

  • Seminars

  • Forums

  • Workshops

  • Site Tours

  • And more...


2. RIMAS Networking Events - These are events held purely for networking, relax interactions and making new friends in the Risk Arena.


3. RIMAS Supported Events - These are events held in partnership with our sponsors or government agencies to promote and advocate up-to-date Risk information to all Risk Professionals out in the field.


Stay tune with us and look forward to see you in our next event!


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