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Asia Liability Insurance Conference with Focus Session on Cyber


The risk exposures are dramatically increasing even in the liability space. There are greater challenges in the air though for the proactive insurers these bring new opportunities in helping their clients manage these risks. With the risks getting more complex, there is a greater need for simpler and clearer policy wordings as well as innovating products to cover never-before-seen exposures with no previous loss data.


  • How should Insurers position themselves amid such liability dynamics?

  • Are Global Risk Professionals/Insurers keeping up with increasing liability exposures and stricter enforcement measures?

  • How can Insurers, Insurance Brokers and Risk Professionals in Asia keep up with changes in liability exposures in different jurisdictions for MNCs operating internationally?


Liability exposures are growing rapidly in Asia Pacific although the actual purchase of liability covers is still low. Liability claims are still low making it seem a profitable class with pressure on prices as new competitors enter the market.

But with increasing risk exposures and greater consumer awareness,the demand for liability insurance will rise as will claims. And cyber threats and hacking are grabbing headlines daily. Hence our two day event on Asia Liability with dedicated sessions on latest Cyber Threats and Covers, bringing Global and Regional Liability and Cyber Risk Experts, both buyers and sellers of insurance under one roof in Singapore to:


  • evaluate the current state of liability markets;

  • identify possible new regimes of risk and manage such exposures;

  • look for pathways to structure meaningful solutions;

  • explore due diligence best practices and extensive internal compliance revamp;

  • understand key challenges to the insurance industry in identifying and designing products for emerging risks; and

  • discuss emerging risks that are keeping insurers on their toes.


Click here to register by 22 May 2015.


Programme Outline

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